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PANAEXPO April 24 - 26, 2009

With 10 provinces, 3 territories and 6 time zones, Canada is the second largest country in the World, and one of the most multicultural! Toronto is the 5 th largest city in North America, Canada's Business Capital.

First week of May is the time when many Canadians are planning their summer vacations, while other Canadians who spent the winter in Southern States and Central America return home for the season.
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Of all the marketing methods, there is no more powerful way to generate prospects and qualified leads than by exhibiting at a trade show or consumer show. Coming to PanaExpo will introduce you directly to more qualified buyers for your real estate, products and services than spending the same amount of money on a print or pay-per-click Internet campaign. Exhibiting at PanaExpo is your marketing money wisely spent.
You have only one chance to make a first impression. Take advantage of PanaExpo's first event in Canada with our Exclusive Sponsorship and Co-Branding opportunities to set yourself apart in a highly competitive market of retirement and pre-retirement Canadian consumers and the professional referral networks associated with them.
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Todos los ciudadano s de Panamá, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua y Belice necesitan una visa para viajar a Canadá.
Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport is the official hotel for Panama Festival & Expo 2009 in Toronto. Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport has a guestroom block reserved for PanaExpo exhibitors, sponsors and guests.
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