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PANAEXPO April 24 - 26, 2009

About Us


PanaExpo Vision

The vision of PanaExpo is to be the leading international exhibition and the main vehicle promoting Panama as a “Bridge of World, Heart of the Universe”, the most exciting travel destination, trade partner, investment and retirement opportunity. PanaExpo is currently the only international exhibition exclusively dedicated to promoting Panama outside of the country.

PanaExpo Mission

The Mission of PanaExpo is to promote Panama as a country with stable democracy, financial security, beautiful nature, exciting business opportunities, solid legal and banking system, sophisticated health care, rich culture, vibrant economy and kind, beautiful people. We showcase Panama as a country to visit, to live, work, to have fun and retire.

PanaExpo Commitment

We promised to sponsors and exhibitors a spectacular event, nothing short of brilliance that Panama deserves. To deliver on that promise, we are committed to recruiting Toronto’s top talent in Show Management, Public Relations and Marketing. We proudly lived up to our promise in PanaExpo 2009. We delivered beyond expectations and this year we are committed to reaching new heights.

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