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PANAEXPO April 24 - 26, 2009

Why Canada



Promoting Tropical Paradise at the end of Canadian Winter

We put a lot of thought in choosing the most perfect time for this event. Last week of April is the time when many Canadians are planning their summer vacations, while other Canadians who spent the winter in Southern States and Central America return home to spend the summer season in Canada. The Exhibitors will greatly benefit not only from the numbers of Canadian consumers available to attend, but also from their most receptive mindset, readiness to make plans for getaways and explore alternative winter destinations.

Canadian demographics support growing trends in travel and migration

In 2006, baby-boomers, or people born between 1946 and 1965, comprised 30% of Canadians. They are the largest age group in Canada. The fastest growing age group of individuals close to retirement and aged between 55 and 64 has increased by over 28% between 2001 and 2006.

According to Statistics Canada, one in seven Canadians is a senior and the number of seniors in Canada, individuals over 65, has almost doubled in the last 25 years and is expected to almost double again in the next 25 years

The trends indicate that the aging Canadian population enjoys increased life expectancy which now stands at 82.5 years for women and 77.7 years for men. Canada has the oldest population in the Americas. However, despite this aging trend, Canada is the second youngest country in the G8 group of industrialized nations.

Canadians now age to be healthier, wealthier and live more active life styles then ever before.

As much as 40% of individuals aged between 65 and 74 described their health as very good or excellent in health surveys, and another 37% reported it as good. Among Canadians aged 75 or older, 32% described their health as very good or excellent and 36% described it as good. (Statistics Canada)

Canadians have confidence and buying power

In the last couple of decades, the average incomes of senior couples increased by 18%. In 2004, 54% of individuals earning incomes of over $89,000 per year are in the age group of 45 - 64 years. In 2003 average income of senior couples was $42,800 and their average net worth is roughly 5 times that amount. (Statistics Canada) Canadians between ages of 43 to 62 hold an estimated $230 billion in real estate assets. Baby boomers used to own big family homes and spent a lot of money on their maintenance. They bought many years ago and even with this year' s correction, they still made money in real estate. They built up great deal of equity in their homes and can make buying or selling decisions no matter what the market. Typically they paid off their mortgages, kids are gone and the time is theirs, they don't want the big house anymore because it requires maintenance, they want to travel and pursue other interests rather than cutting grass and shovel snow. (based on data published in Zoomer Magazine and CARP).

The buying power of Canadian dollar makes it a great timing

If a Canadian was purchasing a property outside of Canada, valued at $500,000 US in 2002, it would have cost approximately $800,000 Canadian dollars. Today, the same property can cost as little as $600,000 Canadian dollars, or even less depending on the exchange. Despite the fact that US dollar recently increased against Canadian dollar, the Canadian currency still remains fairly close to its highs. Canada' s economy largely depends on commodities. Canadian dollar is likely appreciate in value once the commodities rebound. Those Canadians who actively travel and live abroad, who made investments and hold assets in US dollar currency, have not been affected by the increasing exchange rates. However, the fact that Canadian dollar has shown a downward trend in the last couple of months, creates a bit of an urgency for Canadians to make investments in US currency and there could not be a better time to offer international Travel, Real Estate and Investment opportunities to Canadians.

Canadian economy continues to expand (The Globe and Mail Update)

December 1, 2008. The Canadian economy expanded by 1.3 per cent in the third quarter of this year, despite somewhat weaker forecasts made by economists earlier this year. The expansion of the country's gross domestic product was fueled mainly by a surge in oil and gas production in July, as well as a rise in construction activity in the quarter. The services side of the economy expanded 0.4 per cent.

" While the fundamentals of Canada' s economy remain stronger, more stable and more durable than those of many other nations, it is clear that we are not immune to what happens outside our borders," said the Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It is predicted that Canada will avoid recession. According to the Bank of Canada, the world's eighth-biggest economy will expand at a 0.6 percent pace this year and next, although it will be the slowest growth since 1991-92.

30% of potential clients buying in Central America are Canadians. How many of them are your clients?

It has never been a better time to offer International investment to Canadians.

Does your business have anything to offer to Canadians, who are healthy, active and have money?


Take advantage of the opportunity to claim your place in the emerging economic relationship between Canada and Panama! Increase your global exposure through the international business community of Toronto!

Come to Panama Festival & Expo 2009 in Toronto and GET THE MARKET SHARE YOU DESERVE!

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