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PANAEXPO April 24 - 26, 2009

Why Panama?

Whether you’re considering a stand-alone investment opportunity, a dream vacation or a retirement destination, one need look no further than Panama.  This gem of a nation gives country shoppers lots of reasons to say, “This is the one.”   The reasons include:
  • Low cost of living
  • Exceptional real estate opportunities
  • Excellent health care
  • Modern and efficient infrastructure
  • Stable and safe
  • Low taxes
  • Strong use of the English language
  • Diverse cultural and recreational opportunities
  • Close proximity to North America
  • Tropical climate
  • Highly trained bilingual workforce
  • Unwavering commitment to high customer service.  

Panama has always been, and always will be, a meeting point.  Today, the country is accessible to travelers and investors from every part of the world.  Panamanians make everyone feel at home, are proud of their rich traditions, and are building a prosperous and democratic country.  This breathtaking country is open for business.
But why take our word for it?   Whether you’re interested in lounging on a white sand beach on the Pacific or Caribbean Coast, or looking to make an investment in a condo in Panama City, come and meet the experts – and have a good time - at PanaExpo 2008.

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