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PANAEXPO April 24 - 26, 2009

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PanaExpo - Cross Cultural Networking Day
Thursday, April 23, 2009


PanaExpo Cross-cultural Networking with members of the Hindi, Chinese, the Pakistani and Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and business guests from Panama as the pre-opening event of Panama Festival & Expo 2009.

Direct networking is an important ingredient to success in current economic climate. Our strategic alliance with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Toronto brings additional value to PanaExpo exhibitors and professional visitors. Pre-opening networking events are taking place just one day prior to the Grand Opening of PanaExpo 2009 and will feature one-on-one discussions with Panamanian business people and professionals who come to exhibit their products and services at the Panama Festival & Expo 2009.

Winning Canadian Business - Networking Workshop (REGISTER NOW)
Time and Date:     9:00am on April 23, 2009.    Entrance $25
Location:                Roof Top Garden at Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport.
                                 970 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario
This Networking Workshop will include presentations on sales and marketing in Canada, discuss legal and compliance issues of doing business between business people and professionals of Panama and Canada. The workshop is intended to help Panamanians enter Canadian market and at the same time to create referral income and other trade and business opportunities for Canadians.

PanaExpo Pre-Opening Cocktail Reception (REGISTER NOW)
Time and Date:     7:00 pm on April 23, 2009.    Advance Registration - $25, At-the-door - $50
Location:                Roof Top Garden at Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport.
                                 970 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario
Professionals, business owners and executives will meet and network with Panamanian guests. Special VIP guests, including the famous Panamanian Jazz pianist Danilo Perez and media will be in attendance.

Special Guest:  Danilo Perez,
3-times Grammy® nominee, World-renowned Panamanian Jazz pianist and composer
Founder of Panama Jazz Festival.
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